East Texas Christian School welcomes all area children, without regard to race, sex, color or ethnic origin.  We are a Christian school here to help Christian families disciple and train their children.  All students must adhere to the policies of the school.  The administration has designed an admission process that will allow us to know each student candidate and his/her family as well as possible before an enrollment decision is made.  Please follow the outline below to ensure the quick and efficient processing of your application.

Step 1

Obtain handbook and enrollment packet, carefully reading it and making note of any questions you may have.

My Notes:

Step 2

Complete all forms in the enrollment packet and submit them to the school office at the earliest possible date.  When you submit the packet, make sure that it includes the following:

o    Forms in enrollment packet
o    Financial Contract
o    Field Trip Permission Form
o    Parent Cooperation Agreement
o    Parent/Student Honor Code
o    Spiritual Assessment
o    Consent to Release Records
o    Teacher’s Reference
o    Pastor’s Reference
o    Immunization Record
o    Copy of Birth Certificate
o    Copy of Social Security Card
o    Copy of Report Card(s)/ Transcript
o    Copy of any Testing from previous school with signed release form
o    Registration Fee (non-refundable, due with enrollment forms)

Step 3

When you have submitted a complete packet and student records have been received from previous schools, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment for family interviews. Admission testing may be requested.

o    Placement Testing (if necessary)
o    Family interview scheduled

Step 4

The Administrative Board will review the student candidate’s packet, student records, test results, and the interview notes.  Based on careful assessment of all available information, the committee will make a final decision that is in the best interest of the candidate.  In some cases the Administrative Board may request additional specific information and/or require further testing at the parent’s expense.

o        Acceptance/decline letter received.