East Texas Christian School is dedicated to partnering with your home and church to see students reach their God given potential, both academically and spiritually.

It is our goal, not only to educate your child within a biblical worldview, but to help train them and help them reach their full potential in Christ Jesus.


ETCS seeks to provide a course of study consistent with the Christian faith in order that committed Christian students might be grounded in Biblical truth and wisdom, and prepared to become future Christian leaders in our society.


East Texas Christian School is an interdenominational school founded by Pastor Chuck and Diana Warnock of Church on the Rock to serve the Gregg County area.  We are thankful for a church that has a vision for the ministry of discipling young people.  ETCS opened in the fall of 1993 with Jr. High, adding a grade a year, and in 1997 graduated its first class.  The following year, 1997-98, enrollment more than doubled by adding elementary.  We now serve the community with K4 through 12th grades.


East Texas Christian School has been founded to provide two things to today’s young people:

– a learning environment that is supportive of the Christian faith of the student, and

– an academic program that presents academics from a Christian world view and challenges our young people to be the best they can be to the glory of God.



We are under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area and receive the high calling of taking the gospel to every creature.


We always do the right thing regardless of who is watching or how long it takes.


We have a servant’s attitude; we go to heroic lengths to meet the needs of others.


We dare to dream as big as God and believe that, with God on our side, we can achieve the impossible.


We demand of ourselves uncompromising quality and strive to be people who exude excellence in everything we do.


A “philosophy” is, to put it simply, an explanation of “why” we have founded this school and established the policies that support it.

East Texas Christian School has been founded to provide two things to today’s young people:

(1) A spiritual environment that is supportive of the Christian faith, and

(2) an academic environment challenging our young people to be the best they can. We do not believe that God ever intended that there be a division between the church, a Christian home, and the school. This three-fold partnership will provide the next generation with leadership that we believe will truly make a difference in our world.

The philosophy of our school is to pursue academic excellence in an environment that reinforces Biblical principles.

Education for the whole child (body, soul, and spirit) must find its center in the presence of God and must do so without neglecting a strong academic program. For the purpose of the Christian School the presence of God is invited by, and experienced through, a number of ways: exposure to the knowledge of the written Word of God, the application of His Word to life situations, (wisdom), and the use of the Word to effect change in the earth (power). Additionally, the presence of God must be invited and experienced through prayer, praise and worship.

In addition, the Biblical concepts of self-government, stewardship, and citizenship are imparted in the arena of the child’s physical growth and maturation as well. Therefore, through programs such as physical education, athletics, electives, and cheerleading when offered the whole child is trained and equipped, including the body.

In summary, our “philosophy” of education stems from and addresses recognition of the needs of the whole child. Academic excellence is pursued in the context of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Home, teacher, parent, families and the church must have the courage to love children enough to set standards of behavior and train children to follow them.